Best Organic Instagram Growth Service

Growing one’s Instagram account especially a business account without going through the illegal route is time-consuming but very effective when utilized. Instagram organic growth is simply gaining followers without illegal activities or persuasion. Truth is, the only possible method of ensuring a secure account and gaining all benefits associated with Instagram marketing is to grow your Instagram organically. The many Instagram growth services showcasing their skills on the internet don’t take into consideration the risks involved in increasing Instagram engagement through illegal means. To make matters worse, some blogs and websites don’t check the authenticity of these acclaimed Instagram growth services, instead they list them amongst the best “organic” growth services. Thereby luring unsuspecting people to patronize them (the fake Instagram growth service), by doing so, lose their money and get their accounts banned. Sadly, these so-called Instagram growth services never include an email address or phone number in their homepage, therefore, making every customer handicapped when they want to complain about their services or ask for a refund. Thankfully, sites like Trustpilot, have opened a transparent platform for users to write real reviews for any Instagram growth service they’ve used. In this article, a scrutinized list of 5 best organic Instagram growth services that you can employ without fear of any problems will be given. 

Best 5 Organic Instagram Growth Services

  1. Social Buddy: this is one of the best and authentic Instagram growth services on the internet. They use the follow/unfollow method to increase account engagement. This method lasts for 7-14 days, during which there would be no activities going on in your account. Just following private and relevant accounts and requesting to be followed back. Before working with them, they explain this follow/unfollow method to a customer, however, if the customer appears impatient, they refund his/her money ASAP. 
  2. HypePlanner: this Instagram growth service gives real results after a maximum of 2 months of working with them. Although the number of your Instagram followers will grow in small numbers, its consistency is indeed laudable. They have a very friendly and responsive customer support that tackles problems and answers every customers’ questions without delay.
  3. Social Sensei: although they charge $95 per month for just consultation and $195 for their services per month, they have very impressive reviews from past customers. According to a customer review from, Social Sensei offer 24 hours customer support, they offer influencer marketing ideas and manage Instagram and Facebook ads excellently.
  4. Ampfluence: this particular Instagram grown service got its popularity not only through their authentic services but also through their attitude of giving every customer a 15 – 30 minute phone call to verbally discuss their goals and values, what they should expect and also answer all the customer’s questions. 
  5. Combin: the idiom: slow but steady, is witnessed in how Combin Instagram growth service works. Not only are they very good at what they do, they are also very affordable and charge just $7 for their services per month.


In conclusion, before paying for any Instagram service, search out reviews on their performance, this will highly help you make a choice and avoid being scammed.

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