Billing Guide For Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are important as they help in the recovery of individuals who have undergone major accidents. They help the body to regain mobility and assist patients with pain management. This is quite a task, as most of the time they focus on the patients. It is important to know what to look for when seeking assistance from physical therapy billing services.

In the process of maintaining a physical therapy institution, it is important to also give attention to the financial flows. Codes are great as they assist in general communication about medical care to health payers. Consider the tips below.

International Classification of Diseases

This is a diagnostic tool for healthcare management used by a physical therapist or a billing institution.

ICD is important as it assists in the documentation of patient information systematically. This information can later be used to make decisions such as what is the next step to treat the patient with or which medication to use.

This also assists in the financial planning and budgeting of an institution and the patient at large.

Contains three main categories from the updated ICD-10. Vol-I: This is a tabular list of World Health Organization rules and regulations. Vol-II: Contains an extensive description of the patient data classification. Vol-III: Contains an index for diseases, external causes of the condition, and the drugs to be administered.

The Current Procedural Terminology

Used to report medical procedures and services under both private and public health insurance programs.

Identified by a five-digit code divided into three main categories including:

CPT-I Describes procedure in a five-digit code commonly accepted by third-party payers.

CPT-II Facilitates data collections and possible health outcomes with quality patient care.

CPT-III Data collection and assessment of new services and procedures from the patient and the institution.

Choosing a billing software

The software makes work easier. Its aim is to fill in data into the system to compute information.

It has vast uses and benefits such as:

  1. Prepare and submit patient claims
  2. Help in the elimination of human error
  3. Procedural and effective organization for work
  4. Important for making decisions in the future
  5. Friendly and easy to use

There are several billing software available in the market and they include:

  1. DrChrono EHR that is easily compatible with iPhone and iPads. It is highly recommended and has awesome reviews from previous users.

2. Kareo Billig is a web-based program commonly used in the United States to help in arranging patient data for current and future use.

3. WebPT is a cloud-based software used to record information of both inpatients and outpatients.

Negotiating payment

It is easier if a physical therapist has a financial management plan giving more time to focus on patients.

A billing method will always follow up with the insurance company of your patients and ensure that payments are done on time.

They also come up with the annual financial records to give you ample time to manage all the bills and necessary payments to be made.

Physical therapy billing services assist you as a physical therapist in patient’s negotiations.

In conclusion, Physical therapy billing methods assist you by making work easier and all you need to know is mentioned above. Make the right step today.