Physical Therapist – Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews, and Advice

Are you recently done with high school and look forward to joining a college or a university? Are you looking for a new career path to venture in from your normal career? Do you have an interest in Physical Therapy and would like to try it out in your life? This article is for you.

A good physical therapist in New Jersey, for example, has a lot of benefits and career opportunities, not to mention the joy to live a healthy life they bring to their patients. Physical therapy is on the rise today, and more people are venturing into this career path. Take advantage of the opportunity as this article is informative on all you need to know as a physical therapist.

What does a physical therapist do?


A physical therapist is a specialist who helps people who have undergone physical accidents that damage their normal body functioning. They help restore normal body posture and manage pain.

A physical therapist is likely to deal with athletes, construction site workers, people who are from surgery and are in pain.

Types of physical therapists


Deals with regaining the musculoskeletal system that involves joints and tendons.


Helps restore mobility, and reduce physical pain. Mainly deals with adults.


Focuses on neurological conditions such as change of posture due to anxiety and depression.


Helps individuals that suffer from cardio failures such as heart attack or those who have undergone heart surgery.


Focuses on assisting children, infants, and adolescents with medical conditions that need physical therapy attention.

How Much Does a Physical Therapist in New Jersey Earn?

The physical therapist’s job is in demand, and many people are embracing a healthy lifestyle.

According to, the average salary is $114,000 as of 25th November 2020. The lowest ranges at $95,000 and the highest ranges at $174,000.

However, the salaries vary depending on the institution, level of education, and years of experience.

At the junior level, according to, a physical therapist can start earning a salary of $33.55 per hour resulting in $69,790 annually.

Career Advice in Physical Therapy

  1. Find a mentor

A mentor will give you the motivation to keep pushing in your career path. They will also help you answer any questions you have at the moment or in the future. This can be achieved by either physically connecting with a physical therapist or linking with someone via social media.

  1. Be patient

Your patients might be going through some severe injuries, and that’s why you also need more time to recover. A physical therapist needs to be patient with the healing processes and be willing to answer any questions asked.

  1. Read online reviews

Several sites offer career advice, and in them, you will find different opinions and interactions on physical therapy. Such sites are handy and might help you make more solid decisions on venturing your career path.

  1. Have a place you can be a resident (intern)

The process of becoming a physical therapist is quite procedural. From earning a bachelor’s degree to enrolling in a physical therapy program for three years, completing a clinical residence to gain more experience, obtaining a license by passing the national physical examination, and finally becoming certified.

Ensure you have a place you can practice your skills after study to gain enough experience.