Toshiba Pocket Data Backup External Drive MQ01ABD100 1TB

Toshiba external drive is for the people who are looking for external storage in a sleek and stylish unit. The Toshiba MQ01ABD100 provides its users with a storage capacity of 1TB. The device is unique and can help you with excess to data that you want to store, no matter if you’re taking pictures of the people and the surrounding nature or work as a data scientist. The device comes in exotic colors. The device has a glossy feel and is very handy during traveling. It is USB powered, Superpowered with 3.0 USB SuperSpeed. The Auto-backup software makes it unique with password protection and makes your data secure. You can choose any color you want. The outer beauty of the device is unmatched. See the unboxing video at unboxing.


In the palm of your hand, you can have all the beautiful colors that complement your style. The piano finish of the device, along with a glossy finish, makes it the perfect match for the people looking for a travel buddy with them. The exterior hard shell of the device gives it an unmatched sharp look. It would become your travel companion. Whether you need a wildlife companion or a data companion, Toshiba MQ01ABD100 is there for you. The unauthorized access can be protected from a password with Toshiba Storage Security Software.


You don’t need to worry about your data being lost because it is an Automatic Backup Solution.

You can customize the data as you like. The data transfer is much faster than USB 2.0. As a tech giant, Toshiba offers unparalleled storage with data secrecy.




Talking about the specifications of the device:

The device has a USB 3.0 Port. The power must be supplied through a USB, and it must be (900MA). IT can be efficiently run on Windows but requires reformatting on OS. The transfer rate of the device is 5.0 Gbit/s. Toshiba offers a 2-year warranty on all of its products. It has a glossy finish with a slim design. The device’s incredible feature is password-protected, so your data is always secure, and you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. The Product comes with a USB cable. The External drive has a user manual that has a step by step guide to install it. Moreover, it also has Toshiba Backup software, so in case you lose any data, you can get it again.


The product range comes up with many variations, and you can change select any type you want. There are three colors available that are black, white, and red. The Storage size is 3 and 4 TB, and the product number is HDTC940EK3CA. All of these comes with different colors, and you can choose any of them.


Language Support:

Not only this, but Toshiba also supports Windows OS and IOS along with nine languages, which include English, Chinese, and German.