What is Patient Relationship Management & Why You Need It?

What would the world be like if there was a solution to all the problems? Solutions to prevent patient drop out rate, draw close new patients, and hand over best health services? Sounds too good to be true, right? But this can be true due to the introduction of a new movement in rehab therapy. It’s known as PRM (Patient relationship management). Let’s see why PRM should be a must, especially in appointment confirmation service.


Patient relationship management is a system that helps record the entire journey of a patient. It is essential to have a PRM, primarily due to the incoming revenue. The first concern of doctors is how to get more patients. However, the number of patients is one of the factors that But in truth, your total number of patients is only one factor that affects your incoming of money.

Factors determining the revenue of a clinic:

  1. Number of patients managed
  2. Payment per visit of a patient on average
  3. Number of visits on average

Therefore, it can be indicated that giving therapy to the patients is equally important as winning them. This can be achieved through effective billing practices. Moreover, it can also be concluded that regular patients make your income guaranteed. PRM is an appointment confirmation service as it grows the patients. Loyal customers will spread the word about your clinic, hence bringing more patients.

Making customers’ loyalist

There are systems you can use to make every patient of yours a loyal one. Here, PRM plays.

Patient’s Engagement vs. PRM

A patient’s level of attraction is known as patient engagement, while on the other hand, PRM facilitates patients through interactions. Consequently, patients are nurtured.

Why is it important

When a patient participates in his own therapy, he gets to know more about himself and the treatment he’s taking. PRM sends relevant reminders to patients so that they are updated about their condition and the treatment that is being done. These resources cause a patient to participate in his treatment actively. There are many home therapy remedies shared too, which causes the recovery process quicker. In addition to a quick recovery, patients have an option to switch to someone new if he is not happy with the treatment.

A survey concluded that more than 58% of patients switch their treatment providers as they were not satisfied. Furthermore, with WebPT Reach, a patient’s entire experience can be monitored by conducting surveys. The feedbacks cause the treatment providers to improve their weak areas. Satisfaction of the patients can also be concluded by sorting out the loyal patients. As your loyal patients are most likely to give positive feedback, convince them for online feedback. Consequently, your reputation will boost up, and search engines will show your clinic visible.

Thus, it can be concluded that PRM is the best way to increase the participation of your patients. By this, your clinic will remain not only financially safe but also cause satisfied patients to leave your clinic.